e-troFit Bus

With the e-troFit® KIT existing diesel buses are converted to electric drive. e-troFit GmbH provides the conversion service including all necessary components and complete regular approval for road traffic according to the previous type of use of the bus.

The e-troFit® concept bus includes the conversion with the e-troFit® kit consisting of the components vehicle control unit, drive train, battery modules, auxiliary units, heating/air conditioning, telematics unit and driver additional display as well as a TÜV certificate and the TÜV vehicle approval according to its previous type of use.

The e-troFit bus

The development of an electrification solution for the Mercedes-Benz Citaro C1 628045 ready for series production has been completed.

Further products from various manufacturers in the vehicle market are currently being evaluated. 

Please refer to our press release for the model outlook.

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e-troFit Kit

Innovative battery

Thanks to the probably lihghtest commercial vehicle battery currently on the market, long ranges with low seat loss can be achieved. The battery is installed in the former engine compartment.

Auxiliary units

We replace pumps, compressors and other auxiliary units with electrically driven components with the latest technology and high energy efficiency.


Engine, transmission and rear axle are removed and replaced by the new electric drive axle with integrated electric motors. For city buses, a modern electric portal axle with near-wheel motors from ZF will be used.

Telematics unit

With Digital Services, fleet operators operate at maximum efficiency while reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs. (First-Level Support, Maintenance Management, Fleet Management, Charging Management, Driving Assistance & Autonomous Driving Function, Over-the-Air Update).

Heating and air conditioning

Special attention is paid to the heating and air-conditioning concept in order to ensure efficient operation.

Vehicle Control Unit

Turnkey solution for the electrification of commercial vehicles. Developed according to ISO 26262 - Functional Safety. Modular and adaptable to different vehicle types via software.