Green Mobility as a Service

Traditional transportation companies are facing a major transition to zero-emission mobility.

This transition brings not only financial challenges, but also a high degree of complexity due to a new ecosystem of electric vehicles, the battery, the charging infrastructure up to the generation of green energy.

e-troFit addresses this challenge with a holistic approach: Green Mobility as a Service.

Green Mobility as a Service

With Green Mobility as a Service, e-troFit bundles the entire ecosystem of a business into one price/km, starting from the vehicle incl. maintenance, charging infrastructure up to fleet management.

The customer is thus relieved of high initial investments, the uncertainty of new technologies and the complexity of operating emission-free vehicle fleets. Thanks to the guaranteed price per kilometer over the entire period, the customer can concentrate fully on the core business. e-troFit remains the customer's sole and central contact throughout the entire contract period.

Green Mobility as a Service is uncompromising, plannable, emission-free and is less expensive than a comparable diesel concept.

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