Succesful practical application

At stereostrand festival, an e-troFit bus operated as an environmentally friendly shuttle for thousands of visitors

An unusual assignment for e-troFit: At  stereostrand festival in Aichach, Bavaria, an e-troFit bus served as a free shuttle to bring festival visitors to their public transport.

A festival for the whole family - and with high standards of environmental protection and sustainability

Stereostrand is a popular regional festival. With a colourful musical mix of international bands and regional newcomers, good food, lots of nature and lots of socializing, it not only attracts visitors from the Aichach region, but also far beyond.

Protecting the environment is one of the festival's top priorities: the organisers have set themselves the goal of organising a festival that is as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. This ranges from lovingly handmade, regional food to waste avoidance on the site to organic and FairTrade-certified merchandising. And of course the music is coming from speakers powered by 100% green electricity.

Arrival and departure cause the highest CO2 emissions

The team also considered the arrival of the visitors. And this is where e-troFit comes into play: by far the largest part of a festival's CO2 emissions is produced by the arrival and departure of visitors. A good reason for the stereostrand team to invite its guests: Please travel CO2-neutral!

An ideal application for an e-troFit bus. This is why e-troFit and the stereostrand team have joined forces to organise a CO2-neutral shuttle service: The e-troFit shuttle took the festival visitors from the train station and bus stops to the event grounds. Purely electric, of course, and powered by 100% green electricity.

Successful practical application

And it was a successful practical use for e-troFit: We were on the road with passengers all weekend long, despite varying weather conditions: In hot weather with fully turned on air-conditioning as well as in the rain.

The result: Everything runs perfectly. With a range of 200km the shuttle was able to operate the entire day. We are looking forward to further practical applications and are proud to have made this great event even greener!