e-troFit and Paul Nutzfahrzeuge conclude cooperation agreement

Denkendorf, 28/04/2021 – e-troFit GmbH and Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH have joined forces in what they term a preferred partnership. The cooperation agreement was signed in April 2021 by the two CEOs, Andreas Hager for e-troFit GmbH and Walter Pötzinger for Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH.

The aim of the collaboration is to make greater use of synergies in the field of commercial vehicle electrification and to benefit from the partners’ value chains – whether in the conversion of vehicles or in the production of new vehicles. The two companies will work more closely together in future on the development, production and subsequent sale of their solutions and products in the DACH region in order to achieve even greater process efficiency.

“We have been working with Paul Nutzfahrzeuge for some time now and value their expertise and high quality standards. Which is all the more reason why we are now looking forward to setting up the cooperation at a strategic level and cross-linking our business activities more tightly,” says Andreas Hager, CEO of e-troFit GmbH, explaining the background to the cooperation.

Clearly assigned roles: Development skills meet expertise in vehicle manufacturing

As a pioneer and innovator in the conversion of commercial vehicles, e-troFit has extensive experience in the field of technology development and the continuous optimisation of emission-free electric drive systems. The innovative core and unique selling point of the vehicle manufacturer’s development is the Vehicle Control Unit (VCU), a complex software package for controlling the entire vehicle system while ensuring functional safety in accordance with the highest automotive industry standard, ISO 26262. The company also offers Green Mobility as a Service solutions. These range from financing to project planning and the implementation of charging and H2 tank infrastructure solutions for fleet operators.

As an experienced vehicle builder, Paul Nutzfahrzeuge manages the production or conversion of the vehicles and the associated integration and design of the drive systems. The company is a European market leader in the field of specialist vehicle construction and carries out chassis conversions, axle modifications, frame extensions and special configurations on up to 1,000 commercial vehicles a year.

Ambitious development and production targets through to 2030

Paul Nutzfahrzeuge has already produced two e-troFit GmbH urban buses and used them as demonstration vehicles. Two more vehicles are currently being manufactured. The two companies together plan to electrify up to 50 commercial vehicles, both urban buses as well as trucks (up to 23t), by the end of 2021.

The cooperation plans to electrify up to 300 commercial vehicles by 2022. In addition, the partners have agreed on the joint development and production of new vehicles as well as conversion solutions for fuel cell propulsion. Well over 5,000 city buses and trucks are to be electrified together and brought onto the market by 2030.

“Our portfolio is based on three stable pillars from which our customers benefit in terms of sales, production and service quality. We see ourselves ideally positioned with the additional development competence and technology leadership of e-troFit,” emphasises Josef Paul, owner & CEO of Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH.

“We are always on the lookout for companies for the e-troFit partner network that share our high standards in terms of quality, safety and reliability. With Paul Nutzfahrzeuge, we have gained a strategic partner that perfectly enhances our network,” says Andreas Hager. “Together we want to offer emission-free, reliable and safe commercial vehicles for the mobility of the future that stand out for their state-of-the-art technology and unbeatable value for money.”


About e-troFit

e-troFit - electrifying transportation! The German, privately financed start-up company with headquarters in Ingolstadt and offices in Garching near Munich employs about 50 people. e-troFit is represented with three further sales and development locations in Austria, Italy and Spain. e-troFit is the first digital OEM worldwide (without own warehousing and production) to offer innovative solutions for the electrification (retrofitting) of used and new commercial vehicles such as trucks in distribution traffic, buses in public transport as well as municipal vehicles. e-troFit is ISO 9001 certified and thus the only provider of retrofitting solutions to guarantee operational safety according to international standards of the automotive industry such as functional safety ISO 26262. e-troFit's international partner network guarantees service and availability in Europe. With its holistic approach including telematics, charging infrastructure, fleet management and autonomous driving the company designs quickly realizable and cost-efficient solution packages for a sustainable change in mobility and a "Second Life" of diesel commercial vehicles. They effectively support the implementation of the CO2 savings targets according to the European Green Deal Agreement and the Clean Vehicles Directive, which will apply from 2021 on.

e-troFit has been awarded the German Mobility Prize (2018) and the Austrian VCÖ Mobility Prize (2019) and was voted as one of the top 50 startups in Europe in the field of mobility (2020, EUSP). Further information: www.e-trofit.com

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